Creative Director + Designer

Kids' Choice Awards Campaign



The Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards (KCAs) is Nickelodeon's yearly  award show, honoring the year's biggest television, movie, and music acts as voted by viewers worldwide of Nickelodeon networks. Each year the award show features a celebrity host.

My role:

+ I was the art director for the KCA's on-air promotion campaign in 2008. I collaborated with the design firm Adolescent to create the animated graphic identity for the show including months in advance promotion and animated graphics for the awards show itself.

+ The on-air campaign integrated green screen footage of the celebrity host, Jack Black, into the graphics. I prepared for the shoot by creating detailed storyboards for all visual needs. The result was humorous and dynamic, as Jack's face and body entered the screen in a variety of creative ways, becoming part of lower third info graphics, full screen promo spots, and some mid-episode screen take overs.

Watch the spots:

KCA: Host Promo

KCA: Who Will Be the Host?

KCA: Host Announcement

KCA: Animated Music Video