Creative Director + Designer
1941 Chrysler Thunderbolt - top half-raised.jpg





Chrysler needed a large format panoramic video to celebrate their history and their legacy of design innovation. These large panoramic videos were designed for an exhibit and event, showing Chrysler's leadership in design since 1920. The goal was to show connections between the art/design movements of each decade and Chrysler’s forward thinking design.

My role:

+ I was one of two lead designers on the project working at Zona Design. I researched and designed the storyboards for each decade, and also designed the transitions from one decade to the next

+ Some of the challenges in this project included: researching and integrating imagery from different time periods and sources in a way that looked seamless, intentional, and compelling; combining imagery of cars with contemporary design and making visual connections between them; transitioning from one period to the next seamlessly; and working at a very large scale.

Creative Director: Zoa Martinez